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Bible Thumpers, Hypocrites, Ignorant Fools, Holier Than Thous, etc. Yeah, these are the terms that are usually used to describe Christians. Now, there are some new terms that have been added these last few years: Haters, Zealots, Terrorists. As someone who has been a Christian for almost 30 years, things have sure changed here in America as to how well Christianity is received, and how well it is portrayed. Sadly, many of those names listed above have been appropriately earned, but not by those who truly follow Christ. No, those names describe a person who claims to be Christian, claims to believe the gospel and yet denies the power and presence of God.

Christianity is not a social club, meaning that there are no people who are excluded. In fact, Christianity is not even a religion. Christianity is a way of life, a core belief, a renewal of person that results in something more amazing. The very name "Christian" actually means "little Christ." In other words, Christians are to imitate who Jesus is, since He is supposedly the Christ, the Savior of the world. So, who was Jesus?

First and foremost, it should be understood that Jesus is God (I say is and not was, because He still is). John 1:1 explains that in the beginning was the Word (Jesus), and he was both with God and he was God. Thus, we believe that Jesus is the Son of God, one of the three members of the trinity.

The trinity?! Well that is a little complicated. See the Bible tells us that there is only one God, but this God is expressed in three persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. They are distinct in office, but all essentially the same God. It's kind of like a triangle. See a triangle has three sides, each one distinct from the others, however they are all part of one triangle. It's more complicated than that, but that is the best way to simplify it.

So Jesus was God's son, but he did not come into this world to assert the fact that he was God. In Philippians 2:5-7 we find out that Jesus did not consider the fact that he was God to be something to be grasped, and willingly laid aside his Godly glory to become manifest as human, to eat, sleep, bleed, and die. So despite that Jesus is the Creator of the universe, he also willingly became human.

Why? Well, he did it mainly to save people from their sins, to give them the hope of eternal life instead of the dread of a future in Hell. From the moment he was born in Bethlehem, Jesus' entire life had one purpose: to die on the cross. It was determined that all the sins that humanity would commit were too much for them to bear. They could never cancel the stain of evil from their lives, not even with a lifetime of good works. After all, all the good that man can do is worthless since it is self-righteous, not held to a universal standard of good and bad. That universal standard was set by God, and can only be met by doing the right thing, at the right time, with pure motivations. Thus, knowing that we could never wash the evil of sin from ourselves, someone who did not sin would have to pay for them. And Jesus said, "I'll do it."

Jesus came to earth as a human, and lived as a human. He made friends and taught them about God's truth and love. He told them that those who follow him would be marked by two things: love and obedience to his words. Jesus told the religious leaders of his day that there were two great commandments in the Bible: Love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself. These two commands summed up everything else about what the Bible teaches. So, true Christians will be those who love God and love others.

After setting the example of how to live a loving life, Jesus was betrayed by a friend (Judas Iscariat) and led to the cross. In Roman days, this was the way to execute the vilest criminals. Yet, Jesus took the suffering of the cross willingly, because he loves you. He was interested in only one thing, repairing the relationship between God and man. In order to do that, he sacrificed himself (having never committed a single sin). If that were the end of the story, it would be sad. However, Jesus came back to life again 3 days later.

Wow! This all sounds pretty incredible doesn't it. Well, it is. Only an all-powerful God could have orchestrated the events that surrounded Jesus' death and resurrection. Only God could have presented a perfect sacrifice to pay for sins. And, only the true God could do it out of love for his creation.

That's who Jesus was... God in the flesh. Jesus is called the Son of God, because we understand that God being one in spirit, has three distinct personalities in which He expresses Himself. Thus, God exists as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As part of the Godhead, Jesus sacrificed His glory to be fashioned as a human. He became a sacrifice to pay for the sins of the people. And faith in Him is what grants to people, a future of joy and peace with Him.

Some might ask, do you really believe this? And I reply with, absolutely. It is not a blind faith, but rather it is an intelligent belief. Jesus explained that we who worship God would have to worship Him in spirit and in truth. In other words, the reality of the world would show organization and reflect the wisdom and wonderment of an awesome and amazing God.

Evolution is a man-made attempt to explain origins without God. But the complexity of DNA, the anomalies of geological strata, and the amazing fact of life and of a natural system that endures, is proof of an Intelligent designer. Having reviewed evolution, big bang theory, theoretical astrophysics, and theoretical physics, I can still say with confidence that I believe God is the truth.

But then, that is what faith is. It is believing that God exists and that He blesses those who diligently seek Him. It is understanding that things exist beyond our natural sight and understanding, and it is accepting those things which we cannot see. The question you need to ask, is where does your faith lie?

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